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Woo Hoo fixed at last!!

After 6 months the wordpress site seems to be fixed. I don’t supose anyone is still looking, but if so drop us a line and let us know.

While the website was busted we have been using facebook. So if you want to keep following us, please let us know through facebook just search for Graham Bobbit.

PS we are now in Grenada for a few weeks before moving to Curacao for the bulk of the hurricane season.

Grenada – Cutty’s Island Tour continues

Grenada was the world’s 2nd largest producer of Nutmeg until in 2004 Hurricane Ivan destroyed nearly 90% of the nutmeg trees and most of the people involved in the industry lost their jobs. Production is gradually increasing up but growing trees is a slow business.
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Again this is another labour intensive process and these pictures are not of a museum but of the Granville nutmeg processing plant. It’s a shame that production is so low at the moment that we were unable to see the whole process. The farmers queuing with their bags of nutmegs get paid ec$ 5 per pound, that’s about £1.25 –not much is it!!! And there are a lot of nutmegs to the pound. How much do they cost you in the shops? The day was brought to an end with a visit to a Rum Distillery that is powered by a water wheel and uses traditional methods and of course we had to taste the final product.

Grenada – Cutty’s Island Tour

We enjoyed a full day Island tour with Cutty’s Taxis & Tour and would recommend him for his knowledge & enthusiasm for his beautiful island.
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The tour took us to a chocolate processing plant where the beans are brought in by the farmers and the whole process is done by hand or foot. The beans are laid out to dry in the trays and turned over by foot every half an hour. Most of these coco beans are transported to Holland but you will find some of the beautiful rich chocolate at Chococo in Swanage.
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