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This the Blog of Graham & Wendy Bobbit. Our plan is to sail at least part way around the world taking between 2 and 10 years to do so. This is the start of our adventure so very little is fixed apart from the decision to do it.

We have signed up for the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. This annual transatlantic rally starting each November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has now become the most popular way to cross the Atlantic. The largest transocean sailing event in the world, every year the ARC brings together over 200 yachts from all over the world. The Caribbean destination is Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia, one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Antilles. The 2700 nautical mile passage on the NE tradewind route takes on average between 14 and 21 days.

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  1. Hi you two, its honking outside, 40kn today, again, and we’ve been wondering how you’re doing and hoping you are holed up somewhere. Seen you’re in L’Aberwrach, so at least you’re snug in your lovely boat. Will follow your progress. As I said, casually, if Martin can’t make the big trip, consider me as an alternative? Keep warm, sun and gentler winds can’t be far off can they? pip pip Di (smithy)

  2. Wendy Graham
    We are following your travels with great interest , glad to see that the weather has improved a little and you are now making progress south. We have had several enjoyable stops in Port Louis taking benefit of the free bicycle hire (Alison not totally convinced ) and the cheap tickets for ferries and buses.
    We are still planning to leave Poole on 2nd June for a one stop no stop passage to La Rochelle, all obviously weather dependant, perhaps we might finish up close to you or cross tacks!!
    We will keep in touch
    Good sailing

  3. Just been catching up on your trip from the safe quarters of Swanage – the blog is so interesting. SSC much the same as normal – just had bbbq last night! Safe sailing.

  4. Hi Wendy

    Just wanted to say that I look through your blog a few times a month to see what you’ve both been up to and where you are. It all sounds great. I’m very jealous. During the summer, I chartered a yacht for Nicky and I in Crotia and thought it was amazing (but the local white wine is worth avoiding). The sailing was pretty good and the coastline and swimming was amazing, as were the small local water side restaurants. That fortnight and your blog has motivated us to consider some sort of sailing trip ourselves. All we need to do now is start saving!!
    JB xx

  5. After the terrible Summer with not much sailing and sitting here looking out on a wet and cold November day I enjoy following your progress. Its nice to know that in some parts of the world there are light winds and sunshine! With best wishes. Brian and Jayne.

    1. Hi Brian & Jayne

      Great to hear from you. We are now in Las Palmas with all the other ARC boats. Just giving a bit more money to the chandlers and we will be ready for the off.

      1. Congratulations and celebrations no doubt!! Its been great following your progress and we look foward to hearing about the crossing. Best wishes and Happy Christmas.
        Brian and Jayne.

  6. Wow! St Lucia. Well done. What a journey – Bet you have some stories to tell.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both. Lots of love from us land lubbbers aka Sharon and Russell X x

  7. Dear Graham & Wendy. Love your blog. We are doing the same this year. leaving Brixham in May and teh the ARC in November. Love to know about your coppercoat job in Portugal. Where you happy and can you say how much. planning to get the job done on the way down south like you and hope to save some money. Hope to hear from you soon. happy sailing and maybe meet up soon.
    Silver Slipper

  8. Hi,
    Loving the fabulous photos. Glad you did not run into the QM2 there have been too many cruise ships lost recently!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes,
    Brian and Jayne.

  9. Hi you two, been enviously looking at the beautiful blues and greens of your photos. We had a week over in the grenadines a few years back, bequia, canwan, mustique and the islands themselves hasto be the lovliest part of the caribbean. So good to see you living the dream, and loving it. Where next ? We will be watching with interest. We talk about you with janet and blackie and are all so jealous! Enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Di and dave xx

  10. Graham and Wendy,
    Hope you are both well
    I have nominated your website for a Liebster award.
    It is pretty strait forward really but is an easy blog to write and should get your own blog more widely noticed.
    I found I got quiet a few hits from other websites I did not know was out there.
    It should also create links to your website which is always good for rankings.
    If you do not want to participate or have already been nominated just let me know so I can add someone else.
    Full details are on my latest blog which can be found here.


    Mark and Angelina
    Cygnus III

  11. Hi Wendy & Graham,
    We have followed your Blog with great interest and envy from the beginning and have not left a comment before.
    Thought we would now as you are in the BVI and mentioned The Bitter End Yacht Club.
    We are going to do our 10th ! charter in the BVI the first two weeks in February, always visit the BEYC and have stayed there a few times at the end of our charter and taken part in the Beer Can Regatta ( on Sunday I think ) racing a Hobie.
    A nice anchorage which is not too crowded is Benures Bay, Norman Island.
    Again very envious , Malcolm & Barb.

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