Refit 2012

Oystermist Refit 2012

During December 2011 and January 2012 Oystermist was out of the water at Saxon Wharf marina in Southampton. She was fitted out with some new equipment and had various items serviced ready for our trip.

As a novice Oyster owner I had little idea of how to go about the refit. I had spent 25 years as a project manager in the construction industry but did not have the specialist knowledge required for this refit. I had spent hours reading various blogs and fora about the subject, but there was still a gap to fill in the detail of specifications and contractors.

From the Oyster owners forum I picked up the name of Willett Marine and their principle Andy Willett. Andy had been a senior project manager with SYS, who do a lot of new build and refit work for Oyster Marine. Now acting as an independent project manager he was just the man to help with the project. The first step was a full inspection and condition report on Oystermist followed by recomendations on detailed specifications and suppliers for the work required.

Once work was underway Andy called in from time to time and was always available on the phone with advice. This meant I was able to keep control of costs and keep a good level of quality throughout the works. At the end I was satisfied that Andy’s input was the key factor in the completion on time and quality while not letting costs run away.

refit items completed

  1. engine service – GanterMarine
  2. replace saildrive diaphram- GanterMarine
  3. add water strainer to engine water intake- GanterMarine
  4. strip & clean heat exchanger- GanterMarine
  5. add rope cutter- GanterMarine
  6. install new 230v diesel generator – Advanced Yacht Systems
  7. install new charger inverter– Advanced Yacht Systems
  8. install new watermaker– Advanced Yacht Systems
  9. replace standing rigging – The Rig Shop
  10. add spiniker pole on mast track – The Rig Shop
  11. add removeable inner forestay with storm and working jibs – The Rig Shop and Kemp Sails
  12. remove, clean and re seat and seal chainplates – Solent Shipwrights
  13. replace mast head light with new LED light
  14. remove and clean curtains
  15. add satalite phone – mailasail
  16. add powered wifi ariel– mailasail
  17. plus minor works cleaning and painting bilges etc.

See photos below for some of the changes.

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